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Wide Frequency Range, 0.01Hz to 300kHz
Wide Supply Voltage Range, 4.5V to 20V
HCMOS/TTL/Logic Compatibility
FSK Demodulation, with Carrier Detection
Wide Dynamic Range, 10mV to 3V rms
Adjustable Tracking Range, +1% to 80%
Excellent Temp. Stability, +50ppm/°C, max

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The XR-2211 is a monolithic phase-locked loop (PLL)
system especially designed for data communications
applications. It is particularly suited for FSK modem
applications. It operates over a wide supply voltage range
of 4.5 to 20V and a wide frequency range of 0.01Hz to
300kHz. It can accommodate analog signals between
10mV and 3V, and can interface with conventional DTL,
TTL, and ECL logic families. The circuit consists of a basic
PLL for tracking an input signal within the pass band, a
quadrature phase detector which provides carrier
detection, and an FSK voltage comparator which provides
FSK demodulation. External components are used to
independently set center frequency, bandwidth, and output
delay. An internal voltage reference proportional to the
power supply is provided at an output pin.
The XR-2211 is available in 14 pin packages specified for
military and industrial temperature ranges.

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