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Battery ID/Monitor Chip
Provides unique 64-bit identification number
to battery packs
On-board A/D converter monitors battery
voltage for end-of-charge and end-ofdischarge determination
Eliminates thermistors by sensing battery
temperature on-chip
256-bit nonvolatile user memory available
for storage of data such as fuel gauge and
manufacturing information
2-byte cycle counter

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The DS2436 Battery Identification/Monitor Chip provides a convenient method of tagging and
identifying battery packs, by manufacturer, chemistry, or other identifying parameters. The DS2436
allows the battery pack to be coded with a unique 64-Bit ROM ID and a 16-Bit Manufacturer ID, and also
store information regarding the battery life and charge/ discharge characteristics in its nonvolatile
The DS2436 also performs the essential function of monitoring battery temperature, without the need for
a thermistor in the battery pack.
A cycle counter assists to determine the remaining cycle life of the battery.
Finally, the DS2436 measures battery voltage and sends that measured value to a host CPU for use in
end-of-charge or end-of-discharge determination or basic fuel gauge operation.
Information is sent to/from the DS2436 over a 1-Wire interface, so that battery packs need only have
three output connectors: power, ground, and the 1-Wire interface.

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