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AMAX panel 2100


AMAX panel 2100

138.00 120.00

AMAX panel 2100
8 hardwired zones / 2 areas / 64 user codes
USB direct connection

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Panel features
Number of zones 8
Number of on-board zones 8
Number of users 64
Number of events 256 history events
Number of devices
Number of keypads 4
Number of IP modules: B426-M 1
Zones Single or dual end-of-line (EOL 2,2KΩ) NC, NO
Transformer input in VAC 230
Transformer output in VAC 18
Transformer AC power in VA 20
Transformer fuse in mA 500
AC input
Minimum operating voltage in VDC 195
Maximum operating voltage in VDC 253
Line voltage frequency in Hz 50
DC output
DC output maximum current for all components in mA 1100
Battery type 12 V / 7
Low battery condition in VDC below 11.0
Minimum battery condition in VDC 10.8
UMTS2100 Class 3 (0.25W)
Dimension in cm (H x W x D) 26.0 x 28.0 x 8.35
Weight in g 1950

Βάρος 1.400 kg


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