HT9170 B intecrate circuits
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HT9170 B intecrate circuits

Operating voltage: 2.5V~5.5V
Minimal external components
No external filter is required
Low standby current (on power down mode)
Excellent performance
Tristate data output for C interface
3.58MHz crystal or ceramic resonator
1633Hz can be inhibited by the INH pin
HT9170B: 18-pin DIP package

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The HT9170 series are Dual Tone Multi Frequency

(DTMF) receivers integrated with digital

decoder and bandsplit filter functions. The

HT9170B and HT9170D types supply

power-down mode and inhibit mode operations.

All types of the HT9170 series use digital counting

techniques to detect and decode all the 16

DTMF tone pairs into a 4-bit code output.

Highly accurate switched capacitor filters are

employed to divide tone (DTMF) signals into

low and high group signals. A built-in dial tone

rejection circuit is provided to eliminate the

need for pre-filtering

HT9170 B
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